Investor Lead Generation Demo (45 min + Q&A)
Dave Dubeau
Creator of The Money Partner Formula 
WARNING: Please don't try and attend this meeting while on a mobile phone or travelling! The training requires a level of concentration and screen sharing that will not work for you on mobile phones. Laptops or desktops will work well, as will tablets provided you are not on the move.
Congratulations on being invited to attend one of Dave Dubeau's Investor Lead Generation Demonstrations. 

It's a genuinely rare opportunity because Dave only meets with up to eight people at a time for these meetings. 

He speaks to audiences of thousands every month, but he very much enjoys hosting these more intimate meetings because he wants to meet people “eyeball to eyeball” (it's webcams on) so he can get into the details of investor lead generation for each person's real estate business. He believes that it helps to keep him in touch with what he calls “the real world”. 

BTW: Dave is a real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author and has high fee-paying clients literally all around North America so this is not just a rare opportunity, it's a very valuable one. 

Just a reminder: there are no replays of this session and there is nothing to buy, it's simply Dave showing you his unique, hybrid model for generating inbound investor inquiries in the businesses of real estate entrepreneurs.
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Duration: 45 minutes
Money Partner Formula:  We'll be using ZOOM and the link to join will be emailed to you.
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